No Win No Fee

If we agree to take on your claim, it means that we are so confident we can arrange for you to receive a refund, we will work for you on a commission only No Win No Fee basis, meaning:-

ūüôā¬†We do not charge any upfront fees or make any hidden charges, so you will not pay a penny to start your claim.

ūüôā¬†We work on a 100% No Win No Fee basis, so if you do not receive money back, you will not pay a penny.

ūüôā¬†Our No Win No Fee Guarantee means as long as you co-operate with us, you will never be out of pocket.

We will take care of the paperwork, the phone calls and use our specialist knowledge to claim a full refund of the money you have paid for PPI, a full refund of the interest you have been charged on your PPI and up to 8% per year interest for every year you had or have had the PPI policy.

We win 99% of claims for people who have been mis-sold PPI. Some of our successful Clients are awarded thousands of pounds of compensation, with some being awarded over £20,000.However, if you change your mind and decide to cancel using our services part way through the claim process, we will be forced to charge you a fee for the work we have already conducted*.

To find out how much compensation we can arrange for you to receive for your mis-sold PPI CLICK HERE

PPI News

During the last three years over £16 Billion has been paid out in PPI compensation.

£22 Billion is set aside by Banks to compensate for PPI.

Lloyds to announce new £600 Million PPI bill.

The FCA is forcing lenders re-open over 2.5 Million PPI cases.

Lloyds axe 9,000 jobs in bid to pay £11.3 Billion PPI bill.

Four Million more customers may be entitled to PPI pay outs.

Lloyds’ spiralling PPI costs breaks through ¬£10 Billion barrier.

FCA confirm mis-selling PPI bill totals over £352 Million in September 2014 alone.

Lloyds caught in new PPI storm.

Lloyds in trouble over PPI again.

Lloyds accused of short-changing PPI claimants.

Lloyds caught up in another scandal.

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